Blog Post December 1, 2022

Best Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Software

Adlumin is featured as one of the top ten Best Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Software Companies by Gmpis, a software, mobile apps and online services review publication.

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform plus extended risk management and security services operates as more than a SIEM and is proud to be continuously recognized as being a leader in security analytics and MDR.

“SIEM solutions provide a consolidated view of security events, making them an essential component of Cybersecurity. However, not all SIEM solutions are created equal. When deciding on which SIEM to adopt, it is important to keep in mind that SIEM is not an isolated solution but should be part of a larger security strategy,” Gmpis states.

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform and MDR services is your command center for security operations. Adlumin illuminates the threats that would have otherwise gone unseen in the lead-up to a massive attack. Our cloud-native platform leverages powerful machine learning to identify critical threats, automates remediation rules and systems updates, and provides live continuous compliance reporting. Our platform is backed by an expert team delivering 24×7 human insights, threat hunting, and the trusted support that larger companies can no longer offer,” Gmpis continues.

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