Blog Post June 1, 2021

Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

One of the most powerful features that Adlumin provides is the ability to integrate with third-party devices and applications. By aggregating event logs from all your devices and applications, Adlumin delivers a single pane of glass for tracking anomalies, identifying vulnerabilities, and managing your overall network security.

Traditional integration methods, which often required cumbersome on-premises solutions, are no longer compatible with the way we work. Remote work and the ever-increasing role of SaaS in the enterprise requires that platform providers like Adlumin offer cloud-native solutions to integrate with external applications. Collecting and analyzing this data is not easy and becomes exponentially more challenging as the number of SaaS services increases. Adlumin aims to make this process as simple as possible.

The Adlumin platform has robust, native support for an ever-increasing list of cloud-based SaaS solutions, ranging from network and endpoint security solutions to office and collaboration suites. Adlumin collects data from the providers you select, parses that data into a native format, and then correlates the events across your existing data. This analysis and correlation make it simple to track incidents and events across multiple platforms while also alerting you in real-time to potential threats.

This past month, Adlumin launched two exciting new third-party API integrations: AWS and Google Workspace.

  • AWS is the world’s leading cloud platform, and now you can automatically collect, track and alert on any IAM user events directly from Adlumin.
  • Google Workspace is the premier cloud-based office and productivity suite; with Adlumin’s Google Workspace integration, audit logs are automatically ingested for all Workspace services.

Network and user activity from AWS and Google Workspace is automatically associated with existing data in the platform and can be easily searched and cross-referenced. Custom detections can be created for both AWS and Google Workspace to alert on any user-specified criteria that appear in the event logs.

Integrations are an essential part of the Adlumin platform. These latest additions add even more power and functionality to our core product. The rate of development for third-party integrations is ramping up, and in the coming months, we will be announcing support for several more high-profile SaaS offerings. Adlumin never stops working to give our customers the most significant event correlation and analysis platform on the market, with the features and functionality they demand.