Blog Post January 11, 2024

4 Myths About MDR Security

By: Brittany Holmes, Corporate Communications Manager 

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) constantly search for ways to enhance their data protection and resilience against persistent cybercriminals. However, their security service providers frequently struggle to tackle advanced threats effectively and often don’t know where to start. This has led to a growing interest in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, which offer around-the-clock proactive defense for organizations with limited resources. As the threat landscape and MDR market continue to evolve, both Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and customers are facing confusion and uncertainty.

In this blog, we debunk common myths surrounding MDR. Our team frequently hears these misconceptions and wants to provide you with the real insights and realities behind them. By dispelling these myths, we will help you understand MDR better and find the ideal solution for your needs.

Myth #1: MDR is too expensive

Fact: Many MDR providers scale to fit your needs in terms of tools and resources, which can be expensive and difficult to replicate internally.

There is a common misconception that MDR services are too expensive for most organizations to afford. However, it is important to consider the value and monetary savings that MDR can provide in the long run. While there is a cost associated with implementing MDR, it is essential to compare it with the alternative options of handling detection and response in-house or not addressing it at all.

When considering the economic situation and the need for budgetary constraints, it is crucial to note that cybercrime is projected to cost the global economy $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. This staggering amount represents the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history.  Specifically, ransomware is expected to be a major threat this year as access to powerful tools becomes increasingly easier and more affordable.

While building an in-house detection and response capability may be an option, it is important to recognize the advantages of partnering with an MDR service provider. These providers scale to fit your needs in terms of tools and resources, which can be expensive and difficult to replicate internally. In addition, it takes a considerable amount of time to establish an effective in-house detection and response capability, whereas MDR service providers can offer a turnkey solution that can be up and running in just 90 minutes.

It is important to note that while cost-effectiveness is a key factor, it is equally important to not simply go for the cheapest solution available. Choosing an MDR provider solely based on price may result in minimal level of service, limited capabilities, and insufficient telemetry.

Finding an MDR provider that strikes a balance between cost and capability ensures that your organization receives the highest level of protection and response.

Myth #2: Our existing solutions will protect us

Fact: New threats emerge daily that may go undetected or be missed by your existing cybersecurity measures, so it is important to have a 24×7 team in place, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Another common misconception is that having other cybersecurity measures in place makes MDR unnecessary. While these measures can offer some level of protection, they are insufficient to ensure complete security for your organization. This is because the landscape of cyber threats is constantly changing and evolving. New threats can emerge that may go undetected or be missed by your existing cybersecurity measures.

This is where MDR plays a crucial role. By continuously monitoring for dangers and providing real-time response, it offers an additional layer of protection that complements your existing security measures. It ensures that your organization is always defended against the full range of cyber threats. In addition, top-notch MDR services also include threat intelligence and human-led threat hunting, which enhances the effectiveness of threat detection. With MDR, you can be confident that your organization is receiving proactive protection against cyber threats.

Myth #3: “Our organization is too small for MDR”

Fact: SMBs are targeted by cybercriminals because they tend to have fewer resources and less robust cybersecurity measures in place.

Many believe that MDR is only essential for larger businesses and organizations that handle vast amounts of sensitive data. While it is true that larger businesses may face greater risks and potential reputational damage from cyberattacks, this does not mean that smaller businesses are immune to such threats. In fact, smaller businesses are frequently targeted precisely because they tend to have fewer resources and less robust cybersecurity measures in place.

For cybercriminals, smaller businesses become attractive targets due to their perceived vulnerabilities as cybercriminals search for easier, less-protected organizations. As a result, successful ransomware attacks can have devastating consequences for smaller organizations. The impact can be so catastrophic that it jeopardizes the very existence of these businesses, disrupting critical systems and processes.

However, MDR services can level the playing field and provide the same protection to small and medium-sized businesses as to their larger counterparts. By implementing MDR services, these organizations can ensure they are fully protected. MDR helps strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and safeguards their sensitive data, reducing the likelihood and severity of cyberattacks. 

Myth #4: MDR takes too long and is too difficult to set up

Fact: Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform takes 90 minutes to implement. 

While MDR may involve advanced technology, implementing it is not complicated. MDR providers, like Adlumin, offer support throughout the implementation process to ensure your organization achieves success. Implementing the Security Operations Platform and MDR is fast and effortless without requiring excessive IT resources or abandoning existing investments.

Adlumin’s platform is cloud-native and serverless, which means onboarding is simple, regardless of your architecture or technology. Our turnkey deployment allows organizations to establish powerful threat detection and response capabilities quickly and smoothly within a matter of minutes rather than months or years. Try a free two-week trial to see the value yourself.  

Advance Your Security with MDR

MDR services are a vital solution in today’s evolving threat landscape, offering around-the-clock proactive defense for organizations of all sizes. MDR is cost-effective in the long run compared to building an in-house capability and provides superior threat detection and mitigation. It complements existing cybersecurity measures, ensuring complete protection against evolving cyber threats. In addition, MDR is essential for SMBs that are frequently targeted by cybercriminals.

Despite the advanced technology involved, MDR implementation is quick and straightforward with the right provider. By partnering with a trusted MDR service provider like Adlumin, organizations can strengthen their security defenses, safeguard sensitive data, and know they are protected 24/7. 

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