Incident Response and Cyberattack Forensics

Take faster action with proactive, prioritized data, and shed light on what happened

When an incident occurs, your team needs instant access to the full spectrum of enterprise and threat data to respond. Adlumin’s automated anomaly detection and response platform gives you the speed and light you need to act fast.


Move with lightning speed and precision

Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams need full visibility and clarity to quickly shut down threats and uncover impact in the wake of an incident. When an enterprise’s systems are opaque or inaccessible, they leave dark corners where threats can hide.

How does Adlumin speed up DFIR?

Adlumin’s cross-environment and enterprise security platform lights up both on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments; and external darknet environments to give DFIR teams the intelligence they need to respond to threats and eliminate risks.

Machine learning detection provides actionable insights early and with full transparency and source data. And Adlumin’s full view of user, account, system, and entity behavior means security teams can uncover or unwind incidents for response or forensics.

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Adlumin Incident Response and
Forensics Benefits

Powerful Technology

Adlumin’s automated detection means security teams are alerted quickly and with full information at the ready for response.

Transparent Insights

All source information is at your fingertips so your response and forensics team is able to act quickly and with confidence.

Human-Directed Action

Security teams can coordinate through the Adlumin platform, or leverage SOAR for transparent and efficient communication and action.

Adlumin Incident Response and Forensics Features

Full Network Visibility
Limitless Data
Behavioral Patterns
Total Metric Visualization
Smarter, Quieter Alerts
Full Network Visibility
Incident Response-Full Network Visibility

Adlumin delivers end-to-end visibility into incoming data records through the detection process, giving the user control over the detection and surveillance capability via state-of-the-art and intuitive entry points.

Limitless Data
Incident Response-Limitless Data

Our hyper-scalable, patented architecture for ingesting streaming data means the platform updates machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection across an infinite quantity of data streams to discover threats, malfunctions, IT operations failures, and other predictive analytics use cases.

Behavioral Patterns
Incident Response-Behavioral Patterns

Autonomous parsing of streaming data using advanced algorithms detects anomalous events by efficiently learning baseline maps of normal messages, utilizing techniques that are especially scalable for cloud computing environments.

Total Metric Visualization
Adlumin-Incident Response-Total Metric Visualization

Adlumin visualizes usage, web, and project execution metrics from any system, including Jenkins, using isolation forest and other tree-based techniques within the umbrella of unsupervised machine learning, allowing AF users to direct investigative or analyze resources effectively.

Smarter, Quieter Alerts
Incident Response-Smarter Quieter Alerts

Adlumin’s model user command executions lead to detections of abnormal executions without excessive false positives and without arbitrarily discarding analysis-worthy data.

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— Anonymous, Senior Director of IT at Cybersecurity Incident-Response Firm

“With Adlumin, we can understand which users are leveraging certain devices, installed and shared applications, and gaining a holistic view of the global environment, which is a force multiplier.”

Adlumin MDR Services

If your security team could use a hand or you need an expert team on the case 24×7, our MDR Services can be your first-response team. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can become part of yours.


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