Adlumin Cyber Threat Intelligence

One-Touch Cyber Threat Intelligence Reporting

Adlumin constantly integrates cyber threat intelligence (CTI) into the platform and handles the collection of threat intelligence Reports from sources across the web & deep and dark web. Use Adlumin’s reporting feature to expose Adlumin collected intelligence to support your business.

Bad Actors

Shine a light on hundreds of threats facing networks globally

Businesses face an ever-expanding field of malicious actors using diverse capabilities to target networks. Adlumin collects intelligence from across the net and deep & dark web to understand how these threats can impact your business.

STIX-Based Intelligence

Adlumin uses the industry-standard Structure Threat Information Expression (STIX) format to collect and store intelligence from over a dozen sources, including:

  • Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS, CISA)
  • MITRE ATT&CK Techniques
  • MISP Threat Sharing Feeds
  • Dozens of Online Publication and Repositories

With STIX, you can ensure all intelligence is sourced, linked, and backed by real analysis.

Stix Malware Analysis

Threat Intelligence Reporting

One-touch Threat Reporting

As your security program’s command center, Adlumin’s reporting modules give you one-touch access to Adlumin’s collected Cyber Threat Intelligence. Use Adlumin to generate reports about Intrusion Sets to access resources and learn more about their Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTPs), and associated indicators.

Adlumin Threat Intelligence Benefits

ATIP Shield

Adlumin curated IP-blocklist, which can be automatically imported to many network service devices or manually applied wherever IP filters are available. Use ATIP Shield to prevent connections to known malicious infrastructure.

IP Enrichment

Use Adlumin as your one-stop portal for research into MDR events by leveraging its’ built-in IP Address indicator search. Search across WHOIS data, Geolocation, and Threat Intelligence with one click.

Threat Actor Reporting

Adlumin offers one-step reporting for exposing our collected information on intrusion sets, associated reporting, and IP and Domain indicators.

Adlumin Cyber Threat Intelligence Reporting Features

Understand Intrusion Sets Working Across the Web
Collects and Correlates Multiple Sources
Standards-based Collection
Understand Intrusion Sets Working Across the Web

Generate automated reports on intrusion sets, including associated reporting from around the web and indicators of compromise. Use this information to track and search for threats.

Collects and Correlates Multiple Sources

Automated collection from over a dozen sources is used to build relationships between tracked entities, reporting, and indicators of compromise in real-time, allowing for intelligence across the cyber battlefield.

Standards-based Collection

Adlumin uses the Industry Standard STIX and TAXII protocols to collect, store, and analyze shared data from clear-net and deep web sources, ensuring that all collected intelligence is sourced and tracked.