OVERWATCH 24/7 SOC Features

OVERWATCH 24/7 SOC Features

Adlumin is focused on helping your organization detect, anticipate, and prevent malicious threats across your whole network. With OVERWATCH, our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) service, we quickly enhance your organization’s threat detection and response times by continuously scanning your network and host for vulnerabilities. Second, Adlumin will provide you built in compliance tools that will track your FFIEC CAT and NCUA ACET compliance. Our 24/7 SOC service detects harmful attempts to compromise your network and assists with the Incident Response Lifecycle. OVERWATCH allows you to respond smarter and work towards preventing security threats altogether. Your organization can easily expand its cybersecurity capabilities—without breaking the budget—to defend against the latest and most sophisticated cyberattacks.

Network Monitoring

Adlumin and OVERWATCH continuously monitor your network traffic and detect potential intrusions. You will receive 24/7 alerts for any anomalous or malicious activity.

Incident Response

The Incident Response Lifecycle starts with the initial detection and containment and continues to the eradication and return to normal business operations.

Account Privilege

Privilege analysis of every account, system, and group, which lets customers know exactly who can access their most sensitive data.

Compliance Reporting

The Adlumin SIEM Platform has built the FFIEC Cyber Assessment Tool  (FFIEC CAT) and the NCUA’s Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET) into our SIEM platform.  It will become your system of record and will automatically track your score over time. Each month, a detailed alarm and ticketing report helps customers understand their security posture and where network security gaps may exist.

Vulnerability Scans

Quarterly, internal network vulnerability scans, for a clear and global view of the entire risk landscape (e.g. outdated software, weak passwords, dangerous open ports, missing patches, and more) by our professional scanners. This is a huge value for your network.

360° View of Risk Landscape

Real-world recommendations for enhancing employee’s awareness, vendor relationship management, business continuity, and disaster recovery preparation.

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