Robert Johnston

Co-Founder & CEO

Robert Johnston is the Co-founder and CEO of Adlumin Inc, the security operations platform and managed detection and response (MDR) provider keeping mid-market organizations secure.

Before founding Adlumin, Johnston worked in the private sector as a principal consultant at CrowdStrike, Inc. He is an expert at conducting counter-espionage engagements against nation-state, criminal, and hacktivist organizations across various industries and sectors. Most notably, Johnston led the investigation into the Russian Foreign Intelligence Services’ breach of the Democratic National Committee in 2016.

Johnston served as a United States Marine Corps officer in various unique capacities before entering the private sector. As a Marine Officer, he was the team leader of the 81 National Cyber Protection Team, Cyber National Mission Force, and the Marine Corps Red Team Director. Johnston is an accomplished technical expert within the cybersecurity community and has regularly commented on national security for MSNBC and other television networks.

Johnston has published multiple projects and articles in industry-relevant magazines, including National Defense Magazine, US Cybersecurity Magazine, and peer-reviewed journals. As an active speaker in cybersecurity, Johnston was recognized and celebrated for his contributions over the years. He was the runner-up for the (ISC)2 Up-and-Coming Information Security Professional Award in North, Central, and South America and the 2015 Community Awareness Government Information Security Leadership Award winner.

Johnston holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the United States Naval Academy.