What is MDR++?

It is the best of Managed Detection and Response, additional IT security services with industry leading, and differentiated delivery options.

With Adlumin, the plusses
keep on coming.

Most technologies or managed services providers give you partial visibility or bare-minimum management resources. Adlumin MDR++ Platform includes 100% XDR capabilities and modules to shed light on your security journey and a team that’s with you every step forward. Because nobody likes to get caught in the dark.

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Your Complete Security
Operations Command Center

Use the Adlumin platform to build the foundation of your SOC. Empower your enterprise with 360-degree visibility and prioritization at machine-learning speeds to bring maximum illumination to your security operations.

Our patented* and trusted managed security services platform is built to discover threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures in real-time.

In seconds, you can ensure and validate compliance with industry regulations using exclusive reporting features.

*Patent for financial functions

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With the Adlumin platform, you don’t have to pick and choose capabilities. We’ve included everything you need to build your security operations command center, straight out of the box.

Adlumin Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Platform Interview with Mark Sangster

Use the Adlumin Platform for:

Automatically shed light on variances in the security and IT operations in your environment in real-time to understand the moment a potential threat poses risk.

Automatically discover new assets and light up issues with continuous asset and vulnerability management and prioritize fixes through threat prioritization and patch management.

Use Adlumin’s enterprise-wide integration to immediately identify and contain threats. Then correlate threat and risk data to fully comprehend and respond to attacks or other incidents.

Complete your visibility picture with 24×7 monitoring of activity in the darker regions of the Internet. Understand what threats are coming your way before they reach you.

Leverage full-enterprise visibility and data integration to report on your security maturity and demonstrate compliance with industry standards and legal requirements.

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Complete Security Operations (SOC)

Use the Adlumin platform to build the foundation of your SOC.

Empower your enterprise with 360-degree visibility and prioritization at machine-learning speeds to bring maximum illumination to your security operations.


Deploy in Minutes, Respond in Seconds

Adlumin can be installed and start collecting data faster than most other platforms take to schedule a kickoff meeting. Ingesting environmental telemetry in real-time shines a light on your environment immediately.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Our proprietary UEBA data science identifies, detects, analyzes, and prioritizes anomalous behavior, so analysts know the moment something is out of place, indicating a potential threat.

Darknet Exposure Module

Extend your defensive capabilities beyond firewalls, endpoints, and security devices and bring light to the dark areas of the Internet. The Adlumin platform goes where threats lurk and most tools can’t.

Security Orchestration and Response

Included SOAR capabilities mean your environment is always kept within the guardrails that you set. Prevention is always the most cost-effective solution. That’s why we don’t charge extra for SOAR.

One-Touch Compliance Reporting

Always know and be able to demonstrate your security posture and compliance at a moment’s notice. Download reports in seconds, or schedule them to your inbox (or your auditors’) on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

See the Adlumin platform for yourself and begin shining light on your security operations.

Adlumin Expertise

Let us manage your detection, response, and compliance.

The Adlumin Platform provides the capabilities and power to run a world-class security operations command center. If you need additional support or an experienced team to enhance or operate your SOC, we can include them too (just not “in the box.”)

Don’t keep your SOC in the dark. Enhance your threat detection and response times with our 24×7 Adlumin Security Operations Center (SOC) service, staffed by a robust team of professionals and expert analysts who are always by your side.

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an attack?

Speed is of the essence. Put our incident response team to work immediately and we can help you take command of the situation.

Check out the latest insights from Adlumin’s Threat Team.

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Learn how to simplify your compliance requirements and what features you need for better protection

Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response platform features world-class analytics, compliance reporting and automation tools, integrated threat intelligence and more.