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Proactive Defense Awareness

Empowering your employees to
recognize and take action against cyber adversaries

Adlumin’s Proactive Defense Program empowers employees with the skills to identify and report suspicious activity, which is the best defense against cyber adversaries delivering attacks through convincing campaigns and phishing lures.

Adlumin, in partnership with KnowBe4, has the expertise to facilitate and operate a customized security awareness training program in line with their security operation center services. All security awareness training program reports and analytics are visible, available, and actionable through Adlumin’s managed detection and response platform.

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The Science of Cybersecurity and The Human Element

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Phishing Methods

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When most people think of phishing, they think of email. Unfortunately, the emphasis on email often neglects to consider other forms of that are equally as effective when tricking recipients into surrendering confidential information. This blog highlights six specific methodologies behind phishing.

Awareness Testing and Analytics
Awareness Training and Analytics
Persona Awareness Remediation and Analytics



Security and Orchestration

Governance Risk and Compliance

Industry-specific: Financial Services and Government

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