Schedule a Private Tour

Learn more about key features of Adlumin’s SIEM platform, which are designed for financial institutions.

What does the private tour cover?

During the private tour, we will discuss what you should expect from your current Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), or demand if you’re buying a new SIEM.

Other topics and key features include:

  • Live Monitoring: Adlumin provides real-time visibility and analysis into every identity within the organization.
  • World-Class Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Adlumin does all the work for you, 24/7. You won’t need to hire anyone to manage your platform.
  • PCI Compliance: In seconds, Adlumin lets you comply with the hardest parts of PCI DSS.
  • FFIEC CAT / NCUA ACET Compliance: Adlumin’s “One-Touch Compliance Reporting Tool” allows you to quickly download required data reports and hand them directly to financial auditors. We also provide Inherent Risk Profile and Cybersecurity Scores—exclusive to our platform!


Please feel free to contact us before your demo with any questions about Adlumin’s Cloud-Native SIEM.