Hidden March 16, 2023

Why a Credit Union Protecting $400 Million in Assets Relies on Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response

Southeast Financial Credit Union only received partial visibility into its network and needed a solution with a scalable, feasible price point. They searched for a solution that provided services and reduced reaction time between suspicious activity and a potential attack. Explore how Adlumin’s security experts ensure 24×7 protection.

“By providing AI and other threat-hunting techniques, Adlumin is giving our customers visibility into potential compromises that would have been overlooked otherwise.”

Before Adlumin, Southeast Financial Credit Union lacked the proper support due to its team size and network visibility. They worked closely with Wrightcore, a ConvergeOne Company, a trusted technology partner of Adlumin, to find a more robust security operations platform that best fits their needs. In addition to the rising threats and attacks on the financial sector, they sought a solution to help them stay proactive.


  • Trouble finding a solution with a feasible price point that was scalable.
  • Increased risks and ransomware attacks within the financial sector year-over-year looking for a proactive solution.
  • The internal IT team was spread thin and lacked the proper resources and support due to size.
  • SEFCU could not access timely threat information to review its environment correctly.


  • Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform reduced SEFCU’s alerts by 65%, allowing speed and context to correct priorities.
  • Access to 24×7 security and an extended security team with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services.
  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics highlights all potential threats by mapping behavior patterns for every member and employee.
  • Adlumin reduced reaction time between suspicious activity and a potential attack with threat intelligence.
  • SEFCU closed gaps between security assessments and significantly reduced risk with Continuous Vulnerability Management (CVM).

Explore how Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform transformed Southeast Financial Credit Union’s cybersecurity practice.