On-Demand Past Events Webinars November 16, 2023 |
1:00 pm

Your Recipe for the Perfect MDR Cybersecurity Strategy

Event details:

Thursday, November 16, 2023
1:00 PM EST


Join Mark Sangster, VP, Chief of Strategy at Adlumin
John Bruggeman, Consulting CISO

About this webinar:

Managing a cybersecurity program in the mid-market is as challenging as trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner all by yourself. Carving the turkey while mashing the potatoes and roasting the brussels sprouts is impossible to do at the same time. Imagine if you had an extra set of hands or two to consolidate and automate tasks. Join Mark Sangster, VP, Chief of Strategy at Adlumin, and John Bruggeman, Consulting CISO, as they break down the perfect recipe for advanced technologies in support of detection and response. The pair will cover:
  • The benefits of a Managed Detection and Response solution
  • Adding threat intelligence to your security strategy
  • Ransomware threats and how to combat them
  • Keeping incident response in your back pocket

As a thank you for joining our webinar, we’ll send you Three Critical Elements for the Perfect Security Operations Mix White Paper! Additionally – one lucky participant will receive a $200 Amazon gift card.