On-Demand Past Events Webinars September 21, 2022

Cybersecurity and AI: Managing the Evolution of the Threatscape

Adlumin Webinar Cybersecurity and AI

Event details:

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
On-Demand Webinar


Mark Sangster, Chief of Strategy at Adlumin
Diana Kelley, Chief Security Officer at Cybrize
Erick Galinkin, Principal Researcher at Rapid7
Nash Borges, VP of Engineering and Data Science at Secureworks

About this talk:

According to research by Capgemini, two-thirds of businesses now understand that AI is a necessary component in the race to secure your organization. The attack surface in 2022 is larger and more sophisticated than ever, with ransomware and breaches at an all-time high. The ability to detect cyber threats quickly, to have proactive security measures, and detect new, malicious threats, is more critical than ever.

In this month’s episode of ‘The (Security) Balancing Act,’ we ask, “Is AI the answer to the evolution of the threatscape?”

Watch on-demand as we discuss the following:

  • Use cases for AI in cyber – where does it fit?
  • Can AI replace cyber analysts?
  • What is the importance of resilient AI?
  • What do we mean by predictive intelligence and why is it important?
  • How can you implement AI into your security?
    • What technology can AI leverage to improve your security posture?
    • What is the future of AI in the cybersecurity space?