Events On-Demand Webinars April 13, 2023

Ignorance is Not Bliss: Building Resilience against Cyber Threats Session

Date: April 13, 2023
Location: Virtual
Time: 11 AM – 11:50 AM MT

Mark Sangster, Chief of Strategy at Adlumin
Kyle Thompson, Account Executive at Pine Cove Consulting

Webinar Overview

Sophisticated threat actors, such as state-sponsored adversaries and ransomware gangs, increasingly utilize ransomware to disrupt businesses and demand exorbitant ransoms. As a result, organizations recognize the importance of investing in cybersecurity. Still, the abundance of technical jargon, hyperbolic promises, and overwhelming choices make choosing the appropriate technology and solutions difficult. To address this issue, industry experts will delve into advanced cyber threats and discuss critical technologies and services necessary to protect clients and employees.

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