Events December 6, 2023

Cyber Security Summit: Jacksonville

Join Adlumin at the Inaugural Jacksonville Cyber Security Summit, where C-Suite & Senior Executives come together at the forefront of safeguarding critical infrastructures. This event facilitates connections between industry leaders, innovative solution providers, and renowned information security experts.

Event Highlights:

  • Interactive Panels & Discussions: Engage in insightful discussions and interactive panels covering the latest trends, challenges, and strategies in the cybersecurity landscape.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and experts, fostering meaningful relationships for future collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Comprehensive Access: Your admission fee of $195 grants you full access to all event features, including catered breakfast and lunch, ensuring a productive and enjoyable experience.
  • Cocktail Reception: Wind down the day at our cocktail reception, a perfect setting for relaxed networking and unwinding after a day of enriching insights.

Seize this opportunity to strengthen your understanding of cybersecurity, establish crucial connections, and elevate your organization’s security resilience.

Date: December 6, 2023
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Speaking Session

Panel 2: Ransomware – Defending Against a Persistent Threat
Time: 1:10-1:55 EST
Speaker: Mark Sangster, VP, Chief of Strategy at Adlumin

“Pay Up, or Else”. The number of organizations who have been faced with this scenario has been steadily increasing over the past several years as ransomware attacks continue to rise — both in numbers and the size of payouts.

The clear and present danger of a ransomware attack looms large among cyber executives and business leaders as the number of vulnerabilities increases daily. According to a 2022 CRA Business Intelligence survey, nearly one in four respondents reported that their organization experienced one or more ransomware attacks in the past 12 months, and almost one out of three of these organizations said the attacker succeeded in gaining access to their systems, encrypting files, and demanding a ransom

According to this survey, many believe that the worst is yet to come and that they are at a significantly higher risk of a cyberattack than ever before – it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”

Preparing for the inevitable and defending against the threat of a ransomware attack requires constant evaluation and assessment, and then making the necessary adjustments.

On this panel, our lineup of industry experts will discuss the key security measures enterprises must take, going beyond backup and recovery and anti-malware/anti-virus solutions to include endpoint security, vulnerability management, Active Directory monitoring, credential protection, DNS security tools, SIEM, DLP and encryption, and cloud security software.