Continuous Vulnerability Management

Defending your business against highly motivated and well-equipped threat actors requires a proactive approach beyond standard security controls. While seemingly daunting, modern tools automate many security tasks and support your human security experts with cleverly applied Artificial Intelligence applications. A proactive approach doesn’t just improve your security posture; it can reduce insurance premiums, streamline compliance reporting, and optimize network and IT resources.

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Organizations are constantly being challenged from attackers who are looking for vulnerabilities within their infrastructure to exploit and gain access. Organizations must have timely threat information available to them about: software updates, patches, and misconfigurations, open ports, unnecessary services running, etc., and they should regularly review their environment to identify these vulnerabilities before the attackers do. Understanding and managing vulnerabilities is a continuous activity, requiring focus of time, attention, and resources. Adlumin’s cloud-based Continuous Vulnerability Management constantly assess and track vulnerabilities on all enterprise assets within the enterprise’s infrastructure, to remediate, and minimize, the window of opportunity for attackers.