Adlumin vs. Splunk, LogRhythm, Securonix, and IBM QRadar

The cybersecurity industry continues to advance and grow in its complexity. There has been a constant increase in cybercriminal activity as hackers are inventing new ways to execute attacks and intrude user accounts to steal private information. Legacy security monitoring systems are becoming outdated and replaced by modern SIEMs because of their inability to keep up with the demands of current cyber security challenges. In efforts to showcase the differences between legacy SIEM solutions and modern SIEM solutions, it essential that we compare the features.

Adlumin’s patented security and compliance automation platform is built on world-class analytics and machine learning. The platform combines one-touch compliance reporting and automation tools, integrated threat intelligence, 24/7 search for leaked accounts on the deep and dark web, managed compliance, detection, and response (MCDR), and 90-minute deployment. It uses artificial intelligence to write its own rules and improves overall network health and efficiencies of cyber resources as they work to protect critical data.

X = Not a “Yes” or “No” answer

CategoryAdluminSplunkLogRhythmSecuronixIBM QRadar
Platform has been awarded U.S. Patents for anomaly detectionAdlumin has been awarded U.S. Patents on its Anomaly Detection and is the only company allowed to detect anomalies on Core Banking Systems using User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)NoNoNoNo
Unlimited Data Ingestion PlatformAdlumin has unlimited data ingestionNoNoNoNo
Flat PricingPriced only by number of devices that will be ingested by client. NO DATA LIMITS. Easy pricing to understand.NoPriced by events second / number of devicesPriced by number of employeesNo
Cloud-Native SIEM100% cloud-native SaaS basedNoNoYesNo
Next Generation SIEM Platform (Log Management, SIEM, Compliance Reporting, Security)YesXXXX
User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) | AI & Machine LearningAdlumin's proprietary Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning lay down a pattern of behavior for every account and system on the network looking for anomalies 24/7.X - No SaaSXYesRequires Add-on
Integrated Threat Intelligence PlatformMultiple integrated open source threat databases are ingested in the Adlumin intelligence platform. Adlumin downloads millions of Indicators of Compromise (IOC) every day and then automatically searches through your IP traffic for the bad IOCs.XXXX
Open Platform IntegrationYes - you name it, Adlumin can ingest it.YesYesYesYes
Enriches Network Data in Real-TimeYes - Adlumin enriches all network IP Traffic, e.g. Firewall, VPN, with geolocation with visual mapping.XXYesX
SIEM Provides the Ability to Design and Build Your Own Visualization AnalyticsYes - Adlumin provides you access to the Kibana Dashboard within the platform so you can visualize data anyway you like.NoNoNoNo
Adaptive (Self) Learning Modules to Auto-Tune Detections QuicklyYesXXYesX
Extensive Built-In Compliance Reporting (PCI DSS, NIST, HIPAA, ISO 270001, GLBA, FFIEC CAT, NCUA ACET, etc.)Yes - Adlumin has reports specifically designed for compliance. These reports are already built into the platform. If you don't see a report in the platform that you need, we will build it at our cost, not yours.NoNoYesNo
One Platform with Single Backend for Log Management, SIEM, UEBA, and Prioritization.One Unified Integrated PlatformX - Multiple Products Running on Different BackendsX - Multiple Products Running on Different BackendsYesMultiple Products Running on Different Backends
Platform Quickly Scopes Potential IncidentsAdlumin has built-in incident response scoping integration. Let's your security personnel become experts.XXXX