Cyber Tide Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Navigating the Cyber Insurance Landscape: Premiums, Coverage and Claims

In this episode, we delve into the evolving world of cyber insurance. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, the demand for cyber coverage is rising. Join Adlumin’s VP, Chief of Strategy, Mark Sangster and Cysurance’s CEO, Kirsten Bay to explore the benefits of cyber insurance, emerging risks organizations are facing, the impact of post-claims, and more. 

#156 - SMB CISO Challenges (with Kevin O’Connor)

In this episode of CISO Tradecraft, host G Mark Hardy sits down with Kevin O’Connor, Director of Threat Research at Adlumin, to discuss the critical need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

Kevin O’Connor is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the cybersecurity industry. As the Director of Threat Research at Adlumin, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table when it comes to addressing the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by SMBs, including law firms and mid-sized banks. 

Tune in to this episode of CISO Tradecraft to gain valuable insights about: 

  • The importance of comprehensive cybersecurity for SMBs 
  • The role of MSSPs and MDR systems 
  • The threat of ransomware 
  • The significance of security awareness training.  

Don’t miss out on these expert perspectives that can help your organization enhance its cybersecurity posture. 


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Why Cybercrime is on the Rise — with James Anderson and Robert Johnston

Amidst the staggering number of cyberattacks occurring annually, bolstering cybersecurity in community banks is crucial. According to Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin Inc., while the allure of cutting-edge cyber protections is strong, it’s vital not to overlook the fundamentals. By mastering the basics, approximately 85% of threats can be mitigated, reducing potential risks significantly.

Navigating the complex task of maintaining robust cybersecurity can be overwhelming. However, teaming up with a fintech company can alleviate some of the burdens, providing added security and assurance for both the bank and its customers.

In a conversation with host Charles Potts, Johnston and James Anderson, VP and information technology manager at Kitsap Bank, delve into the key cyber threats that community banks should be vigilant against and strategies to prevent and address these threats.

“If you get the blocking and tackling done correctly, 85% of threats you can take off the table,” he says. “Get that right and you will save yourself a lot of pain from just brilliance in the basics.”

The Independent Banker podcast, sponsored by FIS, features this episode sponsored by Adlumin Inc. The October edition of Independent Banker highlights essential insights on current cybersecurity practices. Collaborating with a fintech can optimize a community bank’s cybersecurity operations, with ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator serving as a valuable starting point.

CUInsight: 3 Questions with Adlumin’s Jordan Gackowski

In this episode, CUInsight’s Publisher & CEO, Lauren Culp, interviews Jordan Gackowski, Adlumin’s Senior Sales Engineer. They delve into critical strategies to combat social engineering attacks within the credit union sector. The discussion revolves around three key questions:

  1. What are effective strategies credit unions can adopt to fortify their defenses against cyber-attacks, particularly phishing and pretexting?
  2. How do you secure sensitive data storage and transmission, especially when collaborating with external partners and vendors—a crucial concern for credit unions?
  3. How can credit unions harness technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to bolster their cybersecurity posture?

The LifeLong Customer: Navigating Cybersecurity's Seas of Trust and Growth with Robert Johnston, CEO at Adlumin

Join host Brad Hammond in this episode of the Lifelong Customer podcast, as he dives into a conversation with Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin. A former Marine with a strong cybersecurity background, Robert shares the genesis of Adlumin and its transition from military operations to private sector entrepreneurship.

Explore the vital role of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape and how Adlumin revolutionizes security operations with its unique command center approach. Robert discusses the company’s market niche and the effectiveness of a channel-based go-to-market strategy. Gain insights into Adlumin’s growth journey from humble beginnings to a significant industry player, all while prioritizing customer value.

This episode offers a wealth of advice, from navigating product-market fit challenges to transitioning from founder-led efforts to professional management—a must-listen for those navigating the complex waters of cybersecurity entrepreneurship.

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CyberBytes: Nailing the Mid-Market with Robert Johnston

In this podcast episode, Robert Johnston, CEO at Adlumin, sits down with Joseph Cooper, Cofounder at Aspiron Search, to discuss his incredible journey from the battlefield to the boardroom.

Tune in to learn more about Johnston’s entrepreneurial journey, the vision behind Adlumin, and the mission to bring enterprise-grade security to mid-market organizations. Discover the challenges, opportunities, and insights into channel partnerships, security consolidation, and much more in this engaging discussion.

Watch the interview on YouTube:

Listen to the audio recording:

Learn more about Aspiron Search’s recruitment solutions for “high-growth technology and cybersecurity firms.”

CUInsight: Talking Cyber Threats with Adlumin's Paul Whittier

During a conversation with CUInsight, Adlumin’s Paul Whittier, Director of Channel Sales for the West Region, delves into the realm of cybersecurity management. He enlightens us about the motives of cyber criminals, which extend beyond tampering with member data to include activities like cyber ransoms. Whittier emphasizes the role of compliance in safeguarding credit unions against threats and highlights the significance of proactive preparation for future threats by monitoring anomalous cyber events within their networks.

Looking ahead, Adlumin remains dedicated to advancing their products and crafting innovative solutions to stay ahead of emerging threats while continuing to support credit unions.

From Marine Corps to CEO: Exploring Cybersecurity, Consolidation, and Entrepreneurial Advice with Adlumin's Robert Johnston and Hubscale's Elliot White

Tune in to this episode of Hubscale’s podcast and embark on an engaging and informative journey alongside Adlumin’s CEO, Robert Johnston and Hubscale’s Founder, Elliot White. Gain a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity industry, glean insights from Johnston’s personal story, and acquire invaluable advice that will inspire and empower entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success.

Topics include:

  • Johnston’s journey from the Marine Corps to CEO
  • Consolidation in Security
  • Advice to Entrepreneurs
  • And much more!

Cyber Tide Podcast - Episode 6: Knowing Your Cyber Adversary: The Latest on Ransomware

On this week’s episode of Cyber Tide, VP and Chief of Strategy Mark Sangster and Co-founder and EVP Tim Evans are joined by Kevin O’Connor, former U.S National Security Agency (NSA) and Director of Threat Research at Adlumin. Listen in as O’Connor dives deep into the latest 2023 Threat Report, examining the rise of advanced persistent threats, emerging trends, and the changing tactics of adversaries.

Learn more about the increase in ransomware attacks and the strategies you can use to protect yourself from them. Don’t miss this essential episode as these experts uncover the world of threats lurking in dark corners.

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About the Cyber Tide Series

Dive beneath the surface of infamous cybersecurity attacks to learn the means and motives of cyber adversaries. In each episode, we invite an expert to reveal the contributing factors and costs of cyber incidents and how your firm can protect itself from business-disrupting cyberattacks.