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Changing the Way the Federal Government Secures Data

Protecting Mission Critical Government Systems

In today’s adversary landscape, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and insiders are completely reliant on their ability to capture and steal legitimate enterprise user credentials from endpoints to gain access to sensitive data.

They then move laterally across the network to take whatever they need and then exfiltrate your most important data. It becomes more and more difficult to track the attacker the deeper he gets into the network. He begins to use the same activities that a system administrator uses to manipulate the network like service installs and remote code execution.

Why does this attack continue to succeed? It continues to succeed because organizations are not able to track each user account’s disposition. In the current security market there are few viable real-time solutions to detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and insider threats impersonating legitimate user accounts.

The Adlumin Platform is revolutionizing the way the federal government secures sensitive data and intellectual property while achieving compliance objectives. Adlumin provides a virtual machine learning hunting team of 10-15 personnel -- without hiring a single person -- that hunts networks 24/7 for anomalous behavior.  Adlumin is the answer --its cost-efficient, cloud-based, no appliances or servers required on-premise, and it deploys in 20 minutes.

Key Adlumin Features for Federal Agencies

  • World-Class predictive security analytic alerts in real-time
  • Detects theft of account credentials across your network
  • Provides NIST recommended user behavior analytics
  • Detects insider threats as required by NISPOM 2
  • Visualize account privileges for any network endpoint
  • Hunts your network for anomalous behavior 24/7/365
  • Establishes a pattern of behavior for every single account
  • Identifies misconfigured share-drives and accounts
  • Determines percentage of accounts requiring smart cards
  • Identifies PCI DSS, HIPAA, & NIST violations in real-time
  • Prevents account compromise & data exfiltration
  • Real-time alerts on Advanced Persistent Threat Activity
  • Identifies stale accounts and those with weak encryption
  • Hacker phishes one of your employees
  • Employee inherits privilege to touch sensitive data
  • Visualize who can touch sensitive data on your network
  • Constantly analyzes users is in your network
  • Detects the theft of your user passwords/logins
  • Monitors sensitive data systems in real-time
  • Satisfies HIPAA log monitoring requirements
  • Satisfies PCI DSS log monitoring requirements
  • Identifies PCI & HIPAA Violations in real-time

Adlumin Federal Government Use Cases

Insider Threat
Compromised Credentials
Next Generation Technology
PCI / HIPAA / NIST Compliance
Insider Threat

Malicious employees or contractors use their legitimate access rights to copy and steal confidential information.  Adlumin establishes baseline behavior for every employee 24/7.  It tracks and remembers every file created or copied by an employee.  Finally, it detects anomalous employee behavior as it happens in real-time.

Compromised Credentials

Intruders in your network don't know how or what your legitimate users do on your network.  In fact, intruders user behavior is almost never the same as the legitimate user, who's credentials were stolen.  Adlumin hunts on your network 24/7 for the changes in behavior that flag an intruder and alerts you.  Having Adlumin is like getting a team of five cyber security professionals hunting on your network every day.

Next Generation Technology

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework now recommends that every agency have User& Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to help the organization determine when user behavior is anomalous based on past activity.  If your organization doesn't have UEBA, we can show you how we can drastically improve your security posture. SIEMs and other legacy technology simply can't provide you the security that machine learning brings to the fight.

PCI / HIPAA / NIST Compliance

Adlumin performs the most difficult task in PCI andHIPAA; log monitoring of every account that accesses PCI or HIPAA data.  Know what accounts log into your most sensitive systems, print off a list in seconds.  Set restrictions for your most privileged accounts.  Adlumin lets you know when you have stale accounts, or just too many privileged accounts with our IDENTITY-ECO sensor.

To learn more about Adlumin capabilities click on the ADLUMIN PLATFORM page or CONTACT US for more information.

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