Coming Soon Events Webinars June 28, 2024 |
1:00 pm

Transforming Cutting-Edge Threat Research into Defense Strategies

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Date: June 28, 2024
Time: 10AM PT  /  1PM ET

About this Talk

Educational institutions face unique cyber threats, and staying ahead requires not just awareness, but actionable strategies to defend against adversaries. This webinar dives deep into the latest threat research and explores how to apply it to your defenses.

Why you can’t miss this webinar:

  • Live Demonstration: Witness a demonstration of MFA bypass techniques used by cybercriminals, showing you exactly how these attacks unfold.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Discover how to convert threat research into practical defense measures for your organization.
  • Tailored Solutions: Learn specific strategies for protecting against the unique challenges faced by K-12 and higher education institutions.


Mark Sangster
VP, Chief of Strategy, Adlumin

Bryan LangleyModerator
Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government