Adlumin Platform

Cybersecurity & Compliance in One Platform

Designed for Healthcare and Finance

Track All Activity Between Every Account and Endpoint

Detect. Confirm. Respond.

Respond to Threats within your Network
Only serverless SaaS-based User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Platform that detects & confirms intruders / compromised user credentials
Confirm and Take Action
None of your sensitive data ever leaves your network, we use only transactional meta data to give context to user behavior on your network
Detect Anomalous Behavior
Metadata storage helps you achieve 1 year storage for PCI DSS Requirement 10 and HIPAA log monitoring compliance requirements
Confirm and Take Action
No storage or processing requirements enable long term research and investigation workflows with 0% CPU usage
Detect Anomalous Behavior
Discover Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) activity long before the average 205 day adversary dwell time revelation
Respond to Threats within your Network
Adlumin active defense measures bait and trap adversaries allowing you to track and geo-locate even the most sophisticated adversaries

This is Your Adlumin Dashboard

  • Long-term research of security incidents without waiting
  • Real-time detections of activities that intruders conduct
  • Adlumin lets you see every account in real-time