Adlumin’s Journey to ICBA LIVE 2020

Home to Disney World, Universal Studios and Daytona Beach, this year’s ICBA LIVE destination of Orlando, FL will help set the tone for the bright future ahead in community banking. Adlumin, alongside other industry experts, is heading to the sunshine state next week for ICBA’s annual conference. Don’t miss CEO and President, Robert Johnston, during the “ThinkTECH the Year After” panel to learn more about Adlumin’s growth over the last year and what’s in store for the new decade.

What is ICBA LIVE?

ICBA LIVE is an annual conference hosted by Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA), which aims to connect and celebrate the community banking industry. ICBA LIVE 2020 will span over a five-day period from Mar. 8-12, giving attendees the opportunity to network amongst peers and industry leaders. This year’s conference includes an expo, a variety of educational learning labs, a silent auction, a keynote address, and more.

The ICBA LIVE EXPO is the largest showcase of technology, marketing, fintech, lending, and payment solutions for community banks. Attendees are encouraged to explore and engage with more than 200 exhibitors, including Adlumin, who offer innovative products and services for streamlining operations, increasing productivity and profitability, and enhancing customer experience. The Expo will also include entertainment such as games, interactive activities and prize drawings. Overall, the Expo will focus on ICBA’s three main pillars:

  1. Advocacy: Attendees will be able to meet with members of ICBA’s Regulatory Team to learn more about how ICBA is leveraging the voice of community bankers and delivering a powerful message to policymakers.
  2. Education: Attendees can engage with ICBA’s professional development experts at Community Banker University® and learn to nurture the talent in their bank through timely, engaging, and accredited education.
  3. Innovation: Attendees can speak with profitable consultants of ICBA for recommendations on how to increase bank revenue and lower expenses.

ThinkTECH: Adlumin’s Journey

ICBA’s ThinkTECH is a bank-focused accelerator program that helps mentor next generation start-ups providing financial technology solutions to community banks. The program includes teachings and guidance from skilled and accomplished industry experts.

In 2019, Adlumin was selected as a ThinkTECH Accelerator Program finalist, and has since made great strides in strengthening its relationship with ICBA and community banks. Early 2020, Adlumin was also selected as an ICBA Preferred Service Provider (PSP).

During ICBA LIVE 2020, Adlumin’s President and CEO, Robert Johnston, will join fellow ThinkTech alumni and panelists during “ThinkTECH the Year After.” The panel is scheduled for Wednesday, Mar.11 at 8:40am and will focus on what each company learned from their participation in the program and how their experience has helped to better serve community bankers.

Adlumin is very excited for the opportunity to participate in ICBA LIVE 2020. Over the past year, Adlumin has gained invaluable knowledge, which will allow for even more enhanced platform features specifically for the community banking industry.

“Main Street” at the Expo

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet ICBA’s 25 Preferred Service Providers (PSPs), who will be located on “Main Street” inside the Expo. These companies, including Adlumin, provide community banks with services to help obtain bigger loans, use big data, manage cyber risks, and more. Any organization looking to improve their company’s overall success should take advantage of this year’s Main Street. Adlumin is looking forward to joining and supporting other PSPs during the conference. Stop by Booth #424 to meet the team, learn about our SIEM platform, enter for a prize drawing, and more. For more details about Adlumin’s involvement during ICBA 2020, visit