Improving Legal Firm
Cybersecurity with Adlumin

Investing in a sophisticated cybersecurity strategy.

Law firms rely on Adlumin to protect their business and clients from cyber threats. Mergers and investment strategies, trade secrets and intellectual property (IP) filings, wealth and estate management, insurance claims, malpractice and injury suits, are all targets of cybercriminals.

Your firm’s reputation is based on your ability to protect your client’s confidential information. Public cybersecurity incidents can be extremely damaging to the firm and any attorneys whose clients are affected. The public nature of the legal system combined with an unparalleled access to a crossroads of confidential and proprietary information is what makes law firms a top target of sophisticated and industrialized criminals like ransomware gangs and state-sponsored actors.

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With Adlumin, Legal Firms Can:

  • Protect client sensitive data and PII with 24×7 MDR++ service.
  • Search for leaked accounts and information across the dark web and criminal underground.
  • Determine when an account exceeds its baseline pattern of behavior.

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Your Command Center for Security Operations


Enables You To:

  • Detect, analyze and prioritize anomalous and malicious behavior.
  • Enhance detection and response times with 24×7 SOC.
  • Use artificial intelligence to detect known and unknown threats both internally and externally.
  • Actively search the network for compliance violations in real-time.