COST EFFICIENT - EASY TO USE - SIMPLE TO DEPLOY Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Dark Web Search

Security & Compliance Automation

Adlumin Features

World Class Analytics

  • No Rules to Write or Hardware to Manage
  • Artificial Intelligence Writes Your SIEM's Rules
  • Machine Learning & Automated Threat Intelligence
  • Real-time Intrusion Detection Alerts
  • 24/7 Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Analyzes Firewall, VPN Log Data, & Network 24/7
  • Automated Anomaly Interpretation
  • User and Device Context
  • Artificial Intelligence Based-Decisions

Log / Device Management

  • Unlimited Log/Device/System Coverage
  • Automated log and Device Ingest
  • Critical Server Log Management
  • Real-time Intrusion Detection Alerts
  • Windows & Linux Server Management
  • Cloud and On-premise Ingest
  • Integrated Compliance Management (PCI DSS, FFIEC, FINRA)
  • Secure & Encrypted Log Management
  • Log Data Normalization

Automated Compliance

  • FFIEC CAT automation
  • FFIEC compliance in seconds
  • Understand Risk with 1 Button Click
  • Make Decisions in Minutes, Not Days
  • Financial Compliance Audit Reports Included
  • Know Everything About an Account with 1 Click
  • 90-Days of Research Included with SIEM
  • 24/7 Anomaly Hunting w/o Hiring Anyone
  • Designed for Financial Institutions

Visualize Privileges Across Your Network

  • Know exactly who can touch your most sensitive data
  • See groups / individuals that have privilege on share drives
  • Show auditors actual account privilege in real-time
  • Don't wonder who has privilege, visualize it with Adlumin
  • Quit using spreadsheets to determine privilege for users and groups
  • Privilege is the key to showing auditors that you are in control

Designed By Financial Institutions For Financial Institutions

  • New Feature: FFEIC CAT Inherent Risk Profile
  • FFIEC / PCI DSS Device log management
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • One-touch automated compliance reporting
  • Integrated compliance (PCI DSS SOX, FFIEC)
  • Designed for financial Institutions
  • Automated reporting for compliance audits