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Finance Svc

Our health care clients are concerned about the sensitive data that they hold across their on-premise and cloud based networks.  They need to understand and visualize what accounts are touching sensitive protected health information (ePHI) and whether that information is being downloaded.

Use Case:  Jonathan, a front desk clerk in oncology, decides it would be a great idea to download all of the current patient files on to a thumb drive, take them home and work on getting uniform information into each file.

Adlumin Solution:  Adlumin tracks every user account on the network 24/7.  Adlumin records the names of each file that is copied to any thumb drive across your hybrid network.  It tells you thumb drive maker (e.g. Lexar), how much space was available, and how much data was copied.  Jonathan no longer copies information to his thumb drive.

Finance Svc

Our financial sector clients are concerned about complying with the detailed financial regulations for their specific institutions (eg. Credit Unions, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Merchants).   They have sensitive PCI data that they hold across their hybrid, on-premise and cloud based networks.  They are required to know and understand who has access to their data.  

Use Case:  Tyler, a security professional for a Tier 1 Financial Institution was fired the previous month.  He was not happy about that.  Following his firing, he wondered if they deleted his user account.  He logged in remotely on with his user account, then a service account he often used.  He downloaded 150 GB of sensitive financial data, despite the digital loss prevention software installed.   

Adlumin Solution:  Adlumin tracks every user account on the network 24/7. Adlumin reviewed the two account patterns of behavior and detected that this user and service account never inserted a thumb drive before and Adlumin immediately sent an alert to the system administrator who quickly closed the user and service account.   


Federal, state, and local governments need automated cybersecurity that also helps them comply with laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI).  The public sector needs a product that is easily deployed and doesn't require additional personnel to operate it.

Use Case:  A federal organization required a next generation cybersecurity product that didn't need to be located on-premise, that could be easily installed, and didn't use the computing resources of its agency employees.  Additionally, they wanted to have the ability to ask for additional features in the future.

Adlumin Solution:   Adlumin provides a User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) machine learning platform that literally deploys in minutes using whatever methodology an organization uses to deploy software (e.g. GPO, SCCM, or Big Fix). The analytics platform rests in Amazon Web Services or the Government Secure Cloud, or on-premises depending upon the needs of the organization.  Specialized development can easily be done and is easily updated via AWS or Secure Gov Cloud.


Some Adlumin business clients are simply upgrading their legacy cyber security products like Security Event and Information Management (SEIM) systems that they don't keep up to date with the latest threat rules.  Adlumin provides our clients substantially more insight and cybersecurity protection than multiple legacy systems. Adlumin is perfect for very large businesses that need visibility and response actions and for very small systems that require automation without requiring additional staff to run the system.

Use Case:  A medium size health facility with a SEIM, antivirus, and a data aggregator did not know what it's users were doing on its network.  The CISO had no idea what servers or data stores it's users were accessing or whether they were downloading sensitive data onto USB drives. They were not keeping their SEIM up to date and it was not valuable to their security posture.  Additionally, they were not monitoring their HIPAA logs as required by HIPAA Section 164.

Adlumin Solution:  Adlumin now provides that organization 100% visibility into every account and every endpoint on its entire network.  The organization has loaded multiple server profiles onto a single HIPAA report so it knows who logs, attempts to log, or fails to log onto every HIPAA server at multiple locations and can print off that report in seconds each quarter or month.  The organization got rid of its SEIM and is very happy with its new cybersecurity information source; Adlumin.

How Much Does A Breach Cost?

$7.35 Million

Average Breach Cost

$1.99 Million

Average HIPAA Fine

1000 Records

What is a Material Breach?

$382 Per Record Lost

The Cost of One Record

What Adlumin Customers Are Saying

Stop Malicious Insiders & Intruders

 User and Endpoint Activity
+ Intelligent Analytics

Detect changes in your network
Confirm if behavior is anomalous
Respond to network threats


90% of all cyber-attacks include the theft of legitimate user credentials.  Adlumin alerts you when that happens


Adlumin uses active cyber defense measures to confirm that anomalous behavior is actually malicious.


Adlumin lets you respond in real-time, giving you the option to track the intruder or kick them out by clicking the Adlumin easy button.

Adlumin Use Cases

100% Account Visibility
Know the validity of every user account on your network whether its 50 or 500,000 accounts.  Know what accounts log into your most sensitive systems, print off a list in seconds.  Set restrictions for your most privileged accounts.  Adlumin lets you know when you have stale accounts, or just too many privileged accounts with our IDENTITY-ECO sensor.
User Anomaly Detection
Find Stolen Accounts
Confirm Intruders
  • If a hacker phishes one of your employees and penetrates your network, how long would it take for you find them?
  • Do you know what your employees are doing in your network?
  • What privileges do each of your employees have on your network and how did they acquire those privileges.