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ADLUMIN Selected as DCA Live Red Hot Cyber Company

Adlumin Selected as DCA Live 2018 Red Hot Cyber Company


(Left to Right) Tim Evans, Senior Vice President, Don McLamb, Director of  Engineering, Rob Johnston, CEO

Next week DCA Live will recognize the most exciting cyber companies in the DC region. These companies are all growing and creating value and jobs in our local tech community. They are also solving important problems and need to be recognized. Join us at Eastern Foundry in Rosslyn, VA next Tuesday – February 27 – for food, drink, and great networking with leaders of the hottest cyber companies in town.


Founders: Robert Johnston and Timothy Evans

Year founded: 2016

Number of employees: 10

Cyber problem you are solving: Why do corporate breaches continue to succeed? Because attackers can steal legitimate credentials and use those credentials to attack your hybrid network undetected. Adlumin helps customers identify and remediate identity based vulnerabilities, before attackers can take advantage, and uses Data Science to monitor identity access to corporate resources to detect attacks in progress, all from a cost efficient cloud delivered solution that deploys in minutes.

DC is the global HQ for the cyber industry because: DC is the HQ because of guys like Tim and I. We come from intelligence backgrounds at the National Security Agency who are now dedicating their professional lives to solving some of the complicated issues in the security space. The knowledge, expertise, and passion for National Security is a fundamental reason why people move to DC, why people join an intelligence agency, and why our products will be the best in the world.

Adlumin Sponsors APHSA ISM 2017 Technology Conference

Timothy Evans, J.D., LL.M., Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy

Corporate breaches continue to succeed because attackers can steal the legitimate identities of your employees and use those identities to attack your infrastructure. Far deadlier than malware based attacks, identity based attacks can go undetected for months or years because perpetrators impersonate the methods used by your various privileged accounts as if they were that user. Attackers have changed their methods from the now outdated malware based attacks to the evolved identity based attacks. Learn how next generation machine learning and analytics hunting on your network 24/7 can detect intruders and malicious insiders without you hiring a single person.

National Health – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) Spring Summit

Adlumin is please to announce that it will be bringing its Adlumin Platform User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) technology to the NH-ISAC Spring Summit in Orlando at the Disney World Dolphin Hotel.

Adlumin is revolutionizing the way corporations secure sensitive data and intellectual property while achieving their compliance objectives. These tenants of business are routinely under attack by insider and outsider threats using rogue accounts, credential theft, and identity-based attacks to subvert defenses, damaging reputation and the bottom line. Organizations simply can’t wait weeks to get the answers. Adlumin offers real time detection and flexible options.

Adlumin provides real time visibility and analysis into every identity within the enterprise — even across the largest networks — using machine learning and industry expertise from the world’s finest investigators and the U.S. Intelligence Community. Furthermore, using confirmation technology, Adlumin goes beyond detection and is capable of confirming anomalies as malicious.

Adlumin significantly reduces PCI / HIPAA compliance costs, satisfies multiple NIST / SANS (CIS) critical security control requirements, and enhances your privileged account access management strategy. To see Adlumin in action, visit, call (571) 334-4777 or email


2017 Insider Threat Summit Conference – Monterey, CA

Tim Evans will be speaking at the 2017 Insider Threat Summit Conference in Monterey California.

Agenda Item:  Bob Palmer, VP, Solutions and Innovation at SAPNS2 with Timothy Evans, J.D., LL.M. Co-Founder & Vice President Strategy at Adlumin

Time: 4:00 to 4:45 p.m.

Day: Wednesday 29 March 2017