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Bank Security 2022: How Can You be Successful?

The pandemic, rise of ransomware, third-party breaches, and 0-day vulnerabilities made bank security appear impossible at times. The key to success is understanding what your current capabilities are and where your security and compliance programs are lacking. Listen to our webinar recording with BankTech Ventures to learn more about what you were up against in 2021 and where you should take your 2022 security and compliance strategy.

Keeping Up With Fintech: What to expect with the next generation of SIEM

During this joint webinar, sponsored by OGO, Adlumin Founder and CEO Robert Johnston, will go over selecting a Next-Generation SIEM Platform and how knowing your customer’s need for security and compliance is vital.

Where do we go from here? Colonial Pipeline Breakdown by Detection Expert, Robert Johnston

Learn about the DarkSide ransomware attack on the largest fuel pipeline in the United States, Colonial Pipeline Co. which threatened the East Coast gas supply. Within an hour of discovering the breach, the organization halted fuel flow to multiple delivery points across the east coast. If a cyberattack can cause this much havoc to society, shouldn’t it be looked at more seriously?

Machine Learning Use Cases in Cybersecurity

Learn how Artificial Intelligence and its main “enforcer” Machine Learning (ML) have transformed the world of cybersecurity. ML helps cybersecurity desks develop a deeper understanding of user and entity behavior patterns and errors that occur within networks, alerting security professionals when data and other assets are vulnerable to attacks.

Secure your Customers: SolarWinds Breach Breakdown by Detection Expert, Robert Johnston

The recent SolarWinds breach affected institutions around the globe and was executed through the use of trojanized updates to SolarWinds’ Orion IT monitoring and management software. Learn about key takeaways from this breach and the Adlumin platform, so cybersecurity solutions providers and MSPs can better prepare their customers against similar attacks.