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Designed to Protect Your Most


Log/Device Management

  • Unlimited Log/Device/System Coverage
  • Automated log and Device Ingest
  • Critical Server Log Management
  • Real-time Event Log Management
  • Windows & Linux Server Management
  • Cloud and On-premise Ingest
  • Integrated Compliance Management (PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FFEIC)
  • Secure & Encrypted Log Management
  • Log Data Normalization

World-Class Analytics

  • No Rules to Write or Hardware to Manage
  • Artificial Intelligence Writes Your SIEM's Rules (no need to hire anyone)
  • Machine Learning & Automated Threat Intelligence
  • Real-time Instrusion Detection Alerts
  • 24/7 Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Analyzes Firewall and VPN Log Data Along Side Network Account Data automatically
  • Automated Anomaly Interpretation
  • User and Device Context

Account / System Context

  • Risk Management, Visualization, and Analysis
  • Automated Reporting for Auditors and Compliance
  • Understand Risk with 1 Button Click
  • Visualize All Privileged Users & Groups
  • Make Decisions in Minutes, Not Days
  • Financial Compliance Audit Reports Included
  • Know Everything About an Account with 1 Click
  • 90-Days of Research Included with SIEM
  • 24/7 Anomaly Hunting w/o Hiring Anyone
  • Designed for Financial Institutions

Improve Network Health / Identity Eco-system

While Adlumin finds intruders in your network, we do much more. We identify Stale Accounts, Accounts with Reversible Encryption, accounts with passwords that don't expire, privileged accounts that are mis-configured,  IT Operations Failures,  and NIST Cyber Framework violations.

Account Privilege

User network privileges are difficult to understand with active directory.  Adlumin Platform let's you visualize authority  so you know who has authorization to touch your ePHI, PCI, or other sensitive data

Detect Intruders / Lateral Movement

Adlumin uses sophisticated world-class activities to detect when an intruder or malicious insider is moving to systems that have not been accessed by the account in question. This is done in real-time without the organization taking any additional action on the network at all.

Shared-Drive Access

Adlumin helps you clean up your identity eco-system by knowing what your users are doing on your network every day.  Do you really know who has access to your organizations most sensitive data

Quicker Incident Response

With many platforms you need to wait weeks for the answers.  Adlumin gives you the answers you need in real-time without waiting to import data into an appliance, then having to program queries.  With Adlumn, the analytics and report features are already programmed ready to help.

Weak Encryption

Adlumin identifies all the areas in your network health/identity eco-system that make you vulnerable.  We point out weak and reversible encryption which also violate Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) standards.

Visualize Privileges Across Your Network

  • Know exactly who can touch your most sensitive data
  • See groups / individuals that have privilege on share drives
  • Show auditors actual account privilege in real-time
Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.58.03 AM

Adlumin Identifies Hacker Activities in Real-time

  • Constantly analyzes every user's activities
  • Detects the theft of your user passwords/logins
  • Monitors sensitive data systems in real-time
  • Satisfies HIPAA log monitoring requirements
  • Satisfies PCI DSS log monitoring requirements
  • Identifies PCI & HIPAA Violations in real-time

Adlumin Business Use Cases

Insider Threat
Compromised Credentials
Cybersecurity Upgrade
PCI / HIPAA / NIST Compliance
Insider Threat

Malicious employees or contractors use their legitimate access rights to copy and steal confidential information.  Adlumin establishes baseline behavior for every employee 24/7.  It tracks and remembers every file created or copied by an employee.  Finally, it detects anomalous employee behavior as it happens in real-time.

Compromised Credentials
Intruders in your network don't know how or what your legitimate users do on your network.  In fact, intruders user behavior is almost never the same as the legitimate user, who's credentials were stolen.  Adlumin hunts on your network 24/7 for the changes in behavior that flag an intruder and alerts you.  Having Adlumin is like getting a team of five cyber security professionals hunting on your network every day.
Cybersecurity Upgrade

Legacy Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and other rule-based defenses are designed for large scale collection, correlation, and storage and not detecting who, what, when, where, and how someone is attacking the organization.  Rule-based solutions flood security teams with false alarms and are useless against the unknown, insider, target, zero-day, and emerging threats.

PCI / HIPAA / NIST Compliance
Adlumin performs the most difficult task in PCI andHIPAA; log monitoring of every account that accesses PCI or HIPAA data.  Know what accounts log into your most sensitive systems, print off a list in seconds.  Set restrictions for your most privileged accounts.  Adlumin lets you know when you have stale accounts, or just too many privileged accounts with our IDENTITY-ECO sensor.

This is Your Adlumin Dashboard

  • Long-term research of security incidents without waiting
  • Real-time detections of activities that intruders conduct
  • Adlumin lets you see every account in real-time