Dan McQuade

VP Engineering

Dan McQuade is the Vice President of Engineering at Adlumin, a cybersecurity technology firm that focuses on revolutionizing how corporate organizations secure sensitive data and intellectual property while also helping them achieve their compliance objectives.

McQuade manages the development of the platform’s core functionality and oversees all aspects of the company’s cloud infrastructure. He has a background in software engineering and, for the past 10 years, has been building and scaling technology startups. Before joining Adlumin, Dan co-founded The Ballydesmond Company, an e-commerce startup focused on importing and selling luxury home goods from Ireland. After a successful exit in 2017, Dan joined Adlumin as a founding member of the engineering team.

Since joining the company, Dan has dramatically expanded the features and capabilities of the Adlumin platform. His accomplishments include creating the Adlumin Syslog collector application, implementing a highly scalable multitenant architecture, and developing the platform’s threat intelligence feature.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University and is currently pursuing an MS in Information Security Engineering.